Why A Twilight Princess Side-Story Follow Up Was Scrapped

When The Legend of Zelda: Golden Princess introduced cross-platform for the Wii as well as GameCube in 2006, it fulfilled the wishes of several fans who wanted an elder Zelda game. Ocarina of Time, and also Majora'’ s Mask especially, had actually been relatively dark in style and art design, while Wind Waker was originally reviled for its cartoonish graphics and dynamic colors. Twilight Princess confirmed to be a large success, offering much more copies than Wind Waker, and seemingly proved that a practical and also serious layout was the future of Zelda.

Golden Princess was really so successful that much of the designers quickly started working with a straight sequel to the Tale of Zelda video game, planned to be a side story comparable to just how Majora'’ s Mask connects to Ocarina of Time. Nevertheless, the project was sidelined so a play test could be established wherefore would ultimately become Link'’ s Crossbow Training. Shigeru Miyamoto wanted to make a Zelda game that might make use of the Wii Zapper, a peripheral created to house the Wii Remote and also Nunchuck for playing shooters.At site twilight princess rom gamecube from Our Articles He assured the Twilight Princess dev team that if the prototype game bombed in a focus group test, Nintendo would certainly change gears to the follow up that had already begun being designed. The Crossbow Training was an enormous success in play tests however, as well as Miyamoto'’ s vision came true, with a Golden Princess follow up never ever seeing the light of day.

The info comes from a video clip by DidYouKnowGaming on YouTube about various Zelda games that never finished development. A sequel for Crossbow Training was likewise pitched, wanting to present affordable multiplayer as well as possibly an initial person viewpoint, yet was rejected by Nintendo. Various other sequels, such as a follow-up to Wind Waker on the Game Boy Breakthrough and also a 3rd 4 Swords game on the DS, never took off either.

A Straight Golden Princess Follow Up Can Have Been Excellent

The Hyrule of Twilight Princess is huge and sprawling. It'’ s not quite as freely vast as the Great Sea in Wind Waker, yet the setup definitely might have introduced new territory for a Golden Princess sequel. Besides, a whole other land akin to Majora'’ s Conceal ‘ s Termina can have been developed if needed. Golden Princess includes a few of Zelda'’ s ideal dungeons, and also introduces innovative products very late in the video game, where their use is restricted. A follow up may have permitted some of the late video game suggestions to be a lot more fleshed out or used in new ways.

This is specifically true for the Double Clawshot, which was provided to the player in the game'’ s last dungeon before Hyrule Castle and also was so enjoyable that it must have been given the possibility to be utilized in more circumstances. Fans needed to wait five years to get their hands on the thing again when the Dual Clawshot reappeared in Skyward Sword. It'’ s regrettable that the Twilight Princess follow up never ever involved fruition, thinking about the compelling narrative choices dealing with Midna and the Golden World, as well as it'’ s even more discouraging to hear that it never happened since it was laid hold of by a shooter spin-off.

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