While there is only about prestige and important points for the championship, Mainz is about Bundesliga history.

While there is only about prestige and important points for the championship, Mainz is about Bundesliga history.

Will Naomi Campbell stay alone? For her Thanksgiving post, the model shows herself, apparently for a shoot, in lace underwear and a diamond necklace. To do this, she lay across a festive table. Rebel Wilson, on the other hand, celebrates Thanksgiving with sport – and sends breathless holiday greetings from the Austrian mountains.

Mark Wahlberg also secures his holiday endorphins through a strenuous exercise session: “” Stay strong, stay positive “”, he gasps out of the gym during his workout. The Beckhams can’t celebrate together this year either, as Victoria makes clear with a funny post. Her family only got together at the dining table thanks to poor Photoshop skills. The designer once known as “” Posh Spice “” writes about the oblique picture: “” United in spirit (and in this photo), even if we can’t be together this year. “” Her old hit with Spice is playing in the background Girls, “” Spice Up Your Life “”. Source: ntv.de, lri / spot “News and information at a glance. Collection of articles from n-tv.de on the subject of 1899 Hoffenheim TSG has been running since the win against FC Bayern Hoffenheim no longer.

Sebastian Hoeneß’s team also lacked the long-awaited success against FSV Mainz 05. Even a dominant appearance doesn’t help much. In Eindhoven they celebrate even without an ex-international Götze. In London, Hoffenheim is an example.

But the most disturbing is the Europa League game between SSC Napoli and Rijeka. But that’s not because of the opponent Napoli. In the last two European Cup appearances, Hoffenheim ended after the group stage – and as the last.

This season, on the other hand, things are going well for coach Hoeneß’s team. With a previously white vest can be planned for the knockout round. Bayern coach Flick surprised with his line-up and promptly his team played only a draw against Werder Bremen. Schalke 04 loses again and continues the horror series.

Leverkusen’s goalkeeper is embarrassed and conceded a very bitter goal. Gladbach cannot win again. A year after the Klinsmann debut, Borussia Dortmund returns to Berlin, at Hertha there is uncertainty. On the eighth game day of the Bundesliga, Werder Bremen needs an FC Bayern miracle, while Max Kruse is to be stopped. By Torben Siemer Without Neymar, the Brazilian national soccer team lacks the wit, luckily Roberto Firmino at least brings his quality to the conclusion.

The former Bayern professional Arturo Vidal succeeds impressively for Chile. Corona chaos in Hoffenheim: After there were several corona cases at the Bundesliga club on Tuesday, other players and a coach are now testing positive. This not only results in the entire team being quarantined, but also a game being canceled – and Oliver Baumann’s departure from the DFB team. At the league summit of the Bundesliga between BVB and FC Bayern everything is as always – and yet completely different. At the same time, the championship leader interfered with another team, namely TSG Hoffenheim.

And Hertha’s coach Labbadia finally makes the 100 full on matchday 7. By Anja Rau At VfL Wolfsburg they have to repair two bleeding head wounds, but they can still cheer. In the case of TSG Hoffenheim, at least in the Bundesliga, almost nothing has come together since the 4-1 triumph over FC Bayern. In the end, it gets completely insane.

The top game of the 7th matchday of the Bundesliga will of course take place in Dortmund. While there is only about prestige and important points for the championship, Mainz is about Bundesliga history. And it can get very, very bad. By Till Erdenberger With a clear win against Slovan Liberec, TSG 1899 Hoffenheim is strictly on course for the knockout round of the Europa League.https://123helpme.me/to-kill-a-mockingbird-essay/ The guests from the Czech Republic can only use five players from the regular formation due to the corona and don’t have the slightest chance. “South Korean box office hit” “Peninsula” “is now also showing in German cinemas. (Photo: Splendid) Having the Corona crisis cinemas have a hard time: hardly any films, fewer guests, hardly any income – a downward spiral.

A blockbuster from South Korea wants to break this, on the home market “” Peninsula “” has already succeeded with child’s play. What’s the matter? The zombie calypse: If a zombie flick is one of the most successful films in a country, that speaks volumes, in a positive sense.

That South Korea is this country may seem surprising at first glance, but no longer at second: A few years ago “” Train to Busan “” by director Yeon Sang-ho caused a sensation. Action, feeling, a story, black humor and zombies that could be seen – those were the plus points of the film, which in the end grossed more than 140 million dollars worldwide. Now the successor in this country is ready to fill the cinemas emptied by the coronavirus pandemic. The name: “” Peninsula “”. “” Peninsula “” is the successor to the K-zombie surprise hit “” Train to Busan “” (Photo: Splendid) The zombie plague is raging in South Korea.

Soldier Jung-seok (Dang Gong-won) tries to save himself and his sister’s family: by car to the port on a refugee ship to Japan. On the way they drive past a broken-down car, a young woman is standing in front of it, a crying baby in her arms. Jung-seok doesn’t stop. He drives on.

Maybe they are infected by the unknown virus that is currently depopulating South Korea. But in life you always see each other twice … When the rescue ship arrives, it no longer goes to Japan, but to Hong Kong. However, one infected person on the lower deck is enough for only his brother-in-law to remain of Jung-seok’s family.

This will be a difficult time for Jung-seok. Without a refugee pass, he has to get by with day labor jobs until one day he is made an offer that he cannot refuse: An American is looking for people who will return to the peninsula to buy a van with 20 million for him and his mysterious organization Stealing dollars. Jung-seok would receive 2.5 million of the sum. Jung-seok’s brother-in-law is also involved, and the mission begins.

You get to Peninsula because the coast guard has been lubricated. You get to Seoul, where the van is still parked. But then all hell breaks loose: The transporter is shot at, an excuse, it seems, to attract zombies. Jung-seok is thrown out of the car and is already looking death in the eye when two girls pick him up with their car. You mow through the zombies with the vehicle like a warm knife through butter.

Jung-seok is saved. For the time being, cinema – that’s why zombie stripes are made. (Photo: Splendid) When he and the girls arrive at their accommodation, he recognizes the woman with the baby from the roadside four years ago. Another fateful encounter, because now it is up to the woman to save Jung-seok, since the family is in contact with a UN envoy – and she should somehow get everyone off the peninsula. Jung-seok’s brother-in-law didn’t fare quite so well.

He was hiding in the transporter, which was then captured by strangers and taken to a fortress. There he is supposed to fight against zombies in an arena – just like the slaves in ancient Rome did against lions. “” Peninsula “” comes up with two narrative strands, which come together again at the end and which are peppered with lots of action. However, the plot is not as stringent as in the previous “” Train to Busan “”.

But the film scores again with feeling, humor and fast zombies that you just never want to run into. The almost two-hour K-zombie action spectacle fits perfectly into today’s time of the coronavirus pandemic. Let’s be honest: a previously unknown virus is raging across the world. There are many different opinions about where it comes from and why it has just emerged. The fact is, however, that as a result of the outbreak, a large number of countries introduced lockdown measures that temporarily brought public life to a standstill, including the cinema industry.

Studios postponed film starts (“” James Bond “” and “” Star Wars “” send their regards) or canceled productions, and cinemas were closed for months. And then came “” Peninsula “”. It started in South Korea and a few other countries in mid-July – and it hit: 350,000 viewers in South Korea alone on the launch day and $ 20 million grossing on the launch weekend are proof that even in the middle of the Corona crisis blockbuster cinema is possible. Needless to say, “” Peninsula “” stormed straight to number one on the global movie charts.

He could now also be successful in Germany; the major US film studios continue to hold back. In South Korea, by the way, “” Peninsula “” “” ousted “#Alive” “from the top of the movie charts – another zombie flick. When it comes to films with the undead, South Korea simply has what it takes. Source: ntv.de “He is said to be incapable of negotiating: Fler. (Photo: imago images / Olaf Wagner) Fler is known for putting on big pants. That’s why he stands Now in court, among other things, he is accused of insulting, damaging property and attempted coercion.

But suddenly the rapper is tender. Because he is sick, the trial has broken off for the time being, and the trial against rapper Fler failed at the first attempt. Because the accused was still ill, the Berlin-Tiergarten district court had to suspend the proceedings, said court spokeswoman Lisa Jani. A date for a new process start has not yet been set. The trial involves a number of offenses.

The 38-year-old musician, whose real name is Patrick Losensky, is accused of insulting, damaging property, attempted coercion and driving without a license. The prosecutor assumes that he insulted different people over and over again. On the internet he described another artist as “” bastard “” and “” disgusting dog “”. According to the indictment, the musician is said to have repeatedly verbally abused police officers for several minutes. He is said to have threatened a journalist to knock his teeth out. At the beginning of the trial on November 4, Fler had remained silent about the allegations.

One of his defenders stated that the alleged insults should be seen in the light of freedom of expression and should be viewed in context. Insults are common in the rapper milieu and would also be an expression of artistic freedom. On the second day of the trial on November 25, the rapper did not appear.

His defense lawyers had presented a medical certificate to the court, according to which the defendant was currently incapable of standing. The judges then set a trial day on Friday in the event that the musician has recovered. Because the process could not be continued within the three-week interruption period, the proceedings must be suspended and restarted at a later date. This is conceivable in January at the earliest. Source: ntv.de, vpr / dpa “You can breathe a sigh of relief: Victoria and Daniel have no corona. (Photo: imago images / TT) The Swedish royal family has the first corona with Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia -Infected in its ranks. The other family members are now also being tested. But the all-clear can be given for now. Crown Princess Victoria, her husband Daniel of Sweden, King Carl Gustaf XVI. And Queen Silvia have tested negative for the corona virus.

The royal family announced on Thursday on their official website. She had previously reported there that Victoria’s brother Prince Carl Philip of Sweden and his wife Princess Sofia had a positive corona test. The palace’s announcement said the couple showed the first symptoms of the disease on Wednesday. The two then immediately went into quarantine together with their children, Prince Alexander (4) and Prince Gabriel (3).

The couple have mild flu symptoms to complain about. However, according to the circumstances, he is doing well. Before Carl Philip and Sofia, various other European royals had already contracted Covid-19. At the beginning of the year, for example, Monaco’s Prince Albert had to announce that he was infected with the corona virus.

The British heir to the throne, Prince Charles, was also infected in March, but quickly recovered from his illness. His son William was also corona-positive in April, but only announced this a few weeks ago. Unlike most other European countries, Sweden took a special path in the fight against the corona pandemic for a long time. The Scandinavian country relied on its citizens to voluntarily limit their contacts.

Recently, however, the number of infections rose so much in Sweden that the measures were tightened. Currently, a maximum of eight people are allowed to come together in public. Alcohol in restaurants was also limited. Sales are forbidden after 10 p.m. Source: ntv.de, vpr / spot “Back in firm hands: Daniela Büchner. (Photo: imago images / STAR-MEDIA) With this couple constellation, some rubbed their eyes in amazement.

But Danni Büchner and Ennesto Monté don’t give a damn about the skeptics. The widow of “” Malle-Jens “” and the ex of Helena Fürst want to dispel all doubts with a smooch shot. With this short video they want to prove their love to all fans: Both Ennesto Monté and Daniela Büchner shared on one of their Instagram -Stories a short kissing scene, apparently on the beach of her adopted home Mallorca. It has to be love. (Photo: Instagram / dannibuechner) Monté, who first published the video, played the song “” Lasse redn “” by Die Ärzte. “” Let people talk and don’t listen to them.

Most people have nothing better to do, “” it says, among other things. Apparently, this is Monté’s answer to all those who are skeptical about the relationship between the two. Just a few days ago, Büchner also announced in an Instagram story that she and Monté were a couple. She got to know a man better who has been part of her circle of friends for many years, but with whom she has had other feelings for a few months, she explained.

It is a very big step for them. Two days ago, she also posted a photo together with Monté. Daniela – nickname “” Danni “” – Büchner became known at the side of her husband Jens Büchner, who by participating in reality TV formats such as “” Goodbye Germany “” and “” I am a star – gets me out of here ! “”, but also came into the spotlight as a Ballermann singer.

The two met in 2015, they had twins in 2016, and in 2017 they celebrated their wedding.