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The 6pin or 8pin power connector is properly inserted to the graphics card. So I have this problem that the game will crash randomly during RPG Games the loading screen or right at the end of the game . If a game has just launched, the developers may be swamped with support requests, so a response can take time. For the most part, though, they’d really rather you didn’t refund their game and will do everything they can to help, or at least tell you if you’re experiencing a known issue and when it’ll be fixed. You can usually find a customer support form or email address on the game’s official website. If you don’t find any help there, also look for the game’s forum outside of Steam, probably on the official website. Usually there’ll be a tech support section, sometimes with a pinned post at the top describing issues the developer is aware of, or common workarounds.

  • You play as Peet, a boy who just woke up from a terrible coma only to find out his girlfriend, and all the adults in town are missing.
  • After waking up from a come, you need to start a new journey to save your girlfriend and find out what happened with all the adults in town.
  • Now it’s your job to find the real killer and unravel all the mysteries that the town or Arthurton is hiding.
  • It won’t be easy, though, you’ll have to face a lot of enemies and a dark presence that’s always lurking.
  • After seeking a good mystery to solve, you find a dead body.

There is much less significant stuttering but not as much as before. Make sure the graphic card is tightly attached to the motherboard PCI-E slot.

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If it’s a Steam game that’s giving you issues, right-click on it and hit View Community Hub. If your problem is widespread enough, you’ll find other people having the same issue. Someone may have found a fix, or the developer may have responded to say that it’s aware of the issue and is working on a patch.

graphics card crashing when playing games

Computer boots normally without any problem and runs smoothly when regular work like working with Word, Excel, Internet browsing etc. is done. But when you play a game suddenly the system crashes in middle of the game. Most importantly, make sure you are running the latest version of Windows 10 and have the latest graphics drivers.

Therefore, if you don’t have these essential software installed make sure you have them installed next time you play the game. In addition to the overheating problem there are other reasons responsible for system crash while you play games. Overheating problem is not something that cannot be resolved by you. By keeping certain tips in mind explained below you can fix overheating problem that leads to computer crash when you play games.

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If it’s one game, update the game, reinstall it, change the game resolution, disable VoIP or create an exception for it in your firewall and antivirus. I was tinkering around myself and I found out that my bios wasn’t updated. I used the hp support assistant and it downloaded all the necessary drivers and files. After that the game did work but i still felt some stutter during gameplay and I used your first tip for choosing best performance.

Therefore, you need to make sure everything works fine and are able to exclude things that may lead to crash while playing game. Now try to play the game your problem of system crash while playing game must have been resolved. Most latest games today require additional software like DirectXandJava.

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