New chapter in the melodrama of the NBA season

New chapter in the melodrama of the NBA season

The decision to leave the selection points more to caution, but does not allow to join a disastrous start to the season in the Manchester City medical section.

Oct 13, 2020 at 09:03 am CEST

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Pep Guardiola

More news about De Bruyne’s status is expected to be heard next Friday at Pep’s next press conference. The only certainty, for now, is that Manchester City’s ’17’ joins a long list of 12 players who have passed through Guardiola’s infirmary since the start of the current season. Half of the staff.


Indeed, City faced Leicester on matchday three of the Premier League with 13 first-team players available. To this day, Gabriel Jesus and Zinchenko are still injured. Kun Agüero returned to training in recent days, although now he must complete an express preseason. The same case lives Gündogan, back to the team after overcoming the Coronavirus.


Raheem Sterling is another name on the list. The Englishman did not travel with his team this week due to a slight hamstring problem. It was a precaution, they say in Manchester, while they wait for his evolution. Along the way, the City medical staff had to treat Laporte and Mahrez for Coronavirus. Joao Cancelo played his first match of the season for Portugal after going through problems. Stones and Eric Garcia fell out of the last call due to various ailments, while Bernardo Silva was also in the dry dock in the first days of the course. The Portuguese, in his case, is already back.

The outlook is not encouraging for Pep Guardiola. Having a solid number of available players requires time that you don’t have. All of its players will not return to team discipline until Thursday. And this Saturday, without rest, a hard touchstone visits them. Arteta’s Arsenal will visit the Etihad Stadium to try to take advantage of City’s moments of doubt. Because of the irregular start, with two stumbles in three games, and because of the many unknowns that Pep has. Concern that, in the middle of Coronavirus, does not aim to fade easily.

The transfer agreed on Wednesday of the star guard James Harden, from the Houston Rockets to the Brooklyn Nets, with the participation of the Indiana Pacers and Cleveland Cavaliers, immediately ‘set fire’ to social networks with comments full of surprise and frustration.

Jan 14, 2021 at 04:34 CET

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Washington Wizards guard Bradley Beal, who now has a teammate with point guard Russell Westbrook, who played with Harden last season and also asked to leave the Rockets, tweeted a "Wow".

Donovan Mitchell, guard for the Utah Jazz, used the same word, but adding a "to" to write on your Twitter "Whoa", with a laughing emoji.

Meanwhile, Jared Dudley, the Los Angeles Lakers forward, was the one who used the most vulgar expression to show his "frustration" for the arrival of Harden to the Nets and form an explosive new trio with forward Kevin Durant and point guard Kyrie Irving, currently out for "personal issues".

Trail Blazers starting guard C.J. McCollum tweeted: "Right before my nap, huh. The most entertaining sport in the sector". His teammate, point guard Damian Lillard, Portland, also chimed in: "That’s a lot of fire in Brooklyn".

Harden, traded to the Nets!

The reactions were mainly one of surprise as the Nets gave up three first-round picks, along with quality young players Jarrett Allen and Caris LeVert, and veteran Taurean Prince.

There were also those of the most important sports programs in the country that agreed to convey doubts about how rookie coach, Canadian Steve Nash, of the Nets, whose right-hand man is veteran Mike D’Antoni (he directed Harden during the last four seasons), will decide the cast of controlling the ball on the field.


The admiration that the fans of the Houston Rockets professed to the guard disappeared completely this Wednesday after closing his transfer.

Although they were already prepared for the outcome of Harden’s departure from the Rockets, they hoped that he could at least complete this season and show on the field that the team could be a winner and that he was committed to helping them get the best compensation with his departure. .

However, Harden’s uncompromising stance of wanting to get out of the Rockets organization in any way has made him a pro. "unethical" and a great "liar".

Through social networks, some tweets that he exchanged, not long ago, with fans and in which he promised time and again that he would not leave the Rockets have become a trend.

Specifically, a Rockets fan has made public an old interaction he had with Harden, 31, who asked him not to leave "never" of the team, and in which the league’s leading scorer sent him a more like 1xbet tweet with the expression "I promise I won’t. # Rocket4Life".

Fans are also harshly criticizing former general manager Daryl Morey, also accusing him of a lack of "ethics" and of "gratitude", after having been supported by the team when everyone called for his dismissal after the tweets he put in favor of the Hong Kong democratic movement, which opened the crisis with China, and then deceived them with his departure to the Philadelphia 76ers.

Morey has also been held responsible for allowing Harden to do whatever he wanted on the team with the support of former coach Mike D’Antoni, now Canadian’s henchman Steve Nash, who makes his NBA coach debut as head of the Nets.

Through social networks, fans also remember that Morey, at Harden’s request, allowed guard Chris Paul to leave in exchange for Russell Westbrook.

In fact, it was only when Paul was with the team beginning in the 2017-18 season that the Rockets had the best chance of ever reaching the NBA Finals.

But an injury to Paul in the Western Conference finals against the Golden State Warriors cost them elimination because Harden was unable to lead the team to victory.

The following two seasons the Rockets no longer made it past the semifinals and in all eliminations Harden was responsible for not responding as leader.

Morey also, at Harden’s request, removed Dwight Howard from the team because he did not want anyone to overshadow him.

Before leaving the Houston team, the former Rockets manager, a fan of Harden’s game, told them that he was retiring to spend more time with the family, but a week later he had already signed on as president of operations for the Sixers.

Regardless, the Rockets last November offered Harden, winner of the league’s Most Valuable Player (MVP) award in 2018, a contract extension that would have allowed him to be the first in the history of the league. NBA to win $ 50 million. But Harden rejected it and instead reiterated that he wanted to leave the team.

Now with his departure and the statements he made on Tuesday after the loss to the Los Angeles Lakers (100-117) that "I love this town", the followers of the Rockets, through social networks, have defined him as a character "pathetic", "cynical" and lacking in "ethics".

James Harden, 2018 NBA MVP

James Harden surprises with his weight gain

The same supporter who once begged Harden not to leave the Rockets, after revealing the promise made by the former Houston team player, limited himself to writing on Twitter: "I am speechless".

New chapter in the melodrama of the NBA season. If just a month ago James Harden made the most headlines in the North American press asking for his transfer to the Brooklyn Nets, the star guard has added another step to tense his situation in Houston. After the Rockets’ loss to the Lakers, the guard has stated that his relationship with the Texas franchise "I don’t think it can be fixed".


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Harden, however, has gone further and fired at the skills of his team: "We are not good enough. I love this city, I have given it everything, but this situation is crazy, I don’t think there is a solution".

The reactions have not been long in coming, and it has been John Wall, the team’s co-star since his transfer before the start of the season from the Wizards in exchange for Russell Westbrook, who has answered between the lines to the words of James Harden. "When some players don’t want to give it their all, it’s hard to do something special as a team".

James Harden surprises with his weight gain

LeBron dresses up as a genius to topple Harden’s Rockets

Beyond his controversial statements, Harden has also been the protagonist during the last morning, and not precisely because of his sports performance. Twitter has broken out commenting on the latest images of the guard, where he is seen warming up before the Rockets game with a considerable increase in weight.

The NBA bombshell this Saturday is the news of the transfer of James Harden from the Rockets to the Brooklyn Nets, according to ESPN reports.


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The agreement is between four NBA franchises, which include the Cavaliers and Pacers, in addition to the two teams involved. With these movements, Victor Oladipo will arrive in Houston to replace the mythical 13 of the Rockets, and Caris LeVert will go to Indiana to defend the Pacers jersey.