1. What is the requirement for patients who would like to undergo Sexual confirmation surgery ?

Characteristics of those who qualify for Sex Reassignment Surgery from male to female are as follows:

1. The patient must be at least 20 years of age. For those below the age of 20, it is required that the legal parents or guardian authorize their permission to the surgery.

2. The patient must have continuously taken female hormone for at least one year.

3. The patient must have had feminine feelings for a long time or since initial/first recollections.

4. The patient must have led a woman’s life for at least 1 year.

5. The patient must feel disgusted with their sexual organ as if it were an excess part of their body.

6. The patient has undergone a mental test, and been certified by a psychiatrist as in normal mental state, and suited for the Sex Reassignment Surgery.

7. The patient must be in physically fit condition.

2. How long do I need to stay in Thailand?

We recommends patients to stay in Thailand 2 weeks after surgery, so overall period is 3 weeks.

3. What is the difference between out technique and the other surgeons?

We totally use glans penis to make a sensate inner labia, so you will have more sensation than other techniques. All of our patients will always be able to achieve special female erotic sensations as well as being able to naturally experience orgasm.

4. Can I have more than 6 inches for the depth of vagina?

We don’t create vaginal depth more than 6 inches because there’s a chance to injure a nerve that control urination. You have a chance to have urinary incontinence that can’t be cured.
A more than 6 inches vaginal depth is not necessary because the deep part which is beyond 6 inches depth will be difficult to reach by normal dilation or penile penetration due to its upward direction along the curve of sacrum.

5. When is it safe to have sex after surgery?

We recommends patients for having sex 2 months after surgery.