Dogs and helicopters were also used

Dogs and helicopters were also used

It should be defused on Saturday. For this, all houses and apartments within a radius of 1000 meters must be evacuated. Around 13,500 people are affected. An exact evacuation plan is currently still being worked on, it said.

An animal transporter overturned on the A38 in Saxony. Ten cows ran away, five animals died and two people were injured. Parts of the motorway were initially closed. 

An animal transporter with 54 cows overturned on Tuesday on Autobahn 38 in Saxony. As the police announced, three cows and two calves died in the accident. The 53-year-old driver of the transporter and his 54-year-old passenger were seriously injured. 

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Ten animals that were walking on the highway were captured. All other animals could be freed from the demolished truck. The motorway towards Göttingen was closed for several hours. The police have not yet been able to provide any information about the cause and course of the accident.

Sources used: dpa news agency

The spectacular sale of fake gold to the Sparkasse Göttingen comes to court again. A 21-year-old is charged. The district court in Göttingen announced on Tuesday that he was accused of commercial fraud. The defendant is said to have sold gold-plated bars and coins as solid gold to the financial institution in ten cases in 2016 and collected around 300,000 euros for them. He had previously purchased the worthless metal parts on the Internet. The bank hadn’t noticed for a long time that it was counterfeit gold. After the frauds were exposed last year, the Bundesbank said it was not aware of any comparable case.

The young man’s mother is also accused. In one case, she is also said to have tried to sell gold-plated bars to the bank. This plan failed, however, because at that time investigations were already underway against her son.

The trial at the juvenile lay judge is to take place on October 29th. The first trial was suspended in August 2018 because the court had commissioned an expert opinion.

Basketball Bundesliga team BG Göttingen starts the new season without a captain. Coach Johan Roijakkers justified this unusual step on Friday with the structure of his squad after the departure of the two dominating players Michael Stockton (Cholet Basket) and Derek Willis (ratiopharm Ulm).

"I think it’s stupid to choose a captain if you don’t have a captain. The subject is also completely overrated"said the Dutchman at a press conference in Göttingen. "Being the captain can also put pressure on a player. He then has to give an interview after every game. I don’t think we have the right people for it. Then why should I put this pressure on one of my players?" The Göttingen team will start the new Bundesliga season next Wednesday with a home game against Basketball Löwen Braunschweig.

For darts legend Phil Taylor, the best German professional Max Hopp has all the requirements for a great career. His future successes are completely in his hands, said the 16-time world champion from England of the German press agency. "Max is a very good player, but there are a lot of good players. It’s up to Max to just work harder than the others now"said "The Power" Taylor on Hopp.

World champion Michael van Gerwen from the Netherlands had over the previous year "Maximiser" said that he had to be further with his talent. "I advise him not to bother with things that distract him from what is really important: the game. He’d have to do more"Van Gerwen had said. Hopp is currently ranked 23rd in the world, but he still missed the European Championship in Göttingen. "Max has huge potential to win the big majors", judged Taylor.argumentative essay examples about technology

Last year’s surprise team Rasta Vechta won their first victory in the new season of the Bundesliga thanks to a 77:72 (42:42) at BG Göttingen. After three defeats at the start, the previous playoff semi-finalist showed an improved form on Sunday and had his most accurate thrower in Josh Young (20 points). The 21-year-old playmaker Bennet Hunt made a positive impression on the hosts with eleven points and eleven assists.

A freight train collided with the crane of a construction train in northern Hesse. "In the accident, the crane boom broke and injured a total of four track workers, two of them seriously", said a spokesman for the federal police in Kassel on Thursday. The injured between the ages of 38 and 55 were recovered and taken to the Göttingen Clinic (Lower Saxony). The accident occurred late on Wednesday evening in the Eichenberg district of the Neu-Eichenberg community (Werra-Meißner district).

According to the police, the crane had apparently got into the area of ​​the neighboring track. Despite the emergency braking, the 38-year-old train driver was no longer able to prevent the collision. "Just because he ducked at the last moment, he was unharmed and got away with the horror"the spokesman explained. How exactly the accident could have happened was unclear, as was the amount of damage. The affected tracks at Eichenberg station were initially still closed on Thursday.

The German darts professionals around Max Hopp are threatened with a home European championship without their own participation. According to the current status of the European Tour Order of Merit, none of the German players is among the top 32 eligible to participate in the event in Göttingen from October 24th to 27th. Hopp is currently in 33rd place, 500 pounds short of the Scottish John Henderson placed in front of him. The last chance for prize money before the European Championship is the tournament in Gibraltar next week (September 27th to 29th). Gabriel Clemens (45th place) and Martin Schindler (90th place) are even further behind. There are no tournament wildcards.

In Göttingen, the suspicion of a bomb being found resulted in around 14,000 people having to leave their apartments and houses. On Saturday afternoon the all-clear was given. Contrary to initial assumptions, according to the ordnance disposal service, the object in the ground was not a bomb, the city of Göttingen announced.

After an initial investigation by a team of ordnance disposal personnel, it was initially announced that the object was a World War II bomb. A short time later, the city corrected its information. "Fortunately, after a thorough investigation, the ordnance disposal service can give the all-clear", announced the city shortly after 2 p.m. The object was discovered during construction earlier this week. Eventually it turned out that what had initially been mistaken for a World War I was actually made up of remnants of tin barrels, slag and clay bricks.

When the demolition engineer and his team went to work on Saturday lunchtime, around 80 centimeters of earth around the alleged bomb had to be removed by hand. The experts also looked for a detonator – and found that it wasn’t a bomb after all.

The evacuation ended in the early afternoon. All people could return to their homes, said the city spokesman. The Göttingen police also tweeted: "The find is NOT a bomb. All blocks will be lifted shortly. Thank you for understanding."

As early as 7:00 a.m., the evacuation of a 1000 meter wide area around the site of the discovery had begun. Five activists who protested the Turkish military offensive in northern Syria delayed the action. According to the police, they initially climbed trees, but allowed themselves to be escorted out of the exclusion zone without resistance.

Rail traffic also stopped in the university town. In addition, a no-fly zone was set up above the restricted area. However, it had no impact on regular scheduled air traffic, as a spokesman for German air traffic control said. Glider pilots and drone drivers also had to adhere to the flight ban.

In 2010, only about 100 meters from the site, three members of the ordnance disposal service were killed in the detonation of a dud. Six other people were injured at the time.

"So for sure this thing from back then still sits heavily in our bones", said demolition master Thorsten Lüdeke from the Lower Saxony ordnance disposal service in an interview with the German press agency before the action. Before the operation on Saturday he had "say goodbye to home a bit more generously" want.

According to initial estimates, a fire in a half-timbered building in downtown Göttingen caused damage of several hundred thousand euros on Saturday. The fire broke out on the upper floor early in the morning, the police said. According to the fire brigade, the residents of the house were able to escape outside because they were warned by a smoke alarm. One of them was taken to hospital with smoke inhalation.

The fire department evacuated an outbuilding. "When the emergency services arrived, meter-high flames broke from the upper floor"said a spokesman for the fire department. The fire spread to the roof structure. Around 40 emergency services were deployed to put out the fire. By early morning, the fire brigade had the fire largely under control. The road was blocked.

After about 34 hours on the run, a suspected woman murderer was caught in Göttingen. The 52-year-old man was caught in front of a fast food restaurant on Friday evening, the police said. A witness recognized the suspect around 10:50 p.m. and alerted the officers. The police overpowered the man and arrested him. The background to the act is still unclear. The police and public prosecutor’s office want to inform about the status of the investigation on Saturday (2 p.m.) in Göttingen.

The act had also occurred in the Lower Saxony university town: The man is said to have killed an acquaintance and seriously injured another woman in an argument on the street at around 1 p.m. on Thursday.

The search for him on Friday kept the region between Göttingen and Hanover in suspense. The police were on duty in several places. Dogs and helicopters were also used. The police searched publicly with two photos for the alleged perpetrator, who had been convicted of several violent crimes in the past.

Early in the morning on Friday, witnesses claimed to have recognized him on a local train to Hanover, which was therefore stopped in Elze near Hildesheim. "There was a tip from the train staff about the wanted man", said a spokeswoman for the responsible police station in Göttingen. "When the officers arrived, the person escaped from the train." The trapped man is said to have smashed the window with an emergency hammer and escaped on foot.

According to a report by "picture"Newspaper, the man had initially stabbed the victim after an argument on the street. Then he is said to have hit the woman with a fire extinguisher, poured gasoline over her and set fire to her. The police did not want to comment on these details for tactical reasons. A second woman was injured trying to help.

The 52-year-old fled the crime scene on a bicycle with panniers. The police had already closed the Göttingen train station on Thursday evening. Several long-distance trains were diverted.

After the violent death of two women in Göttingen, the police received ten cell phone photos and videos from witnesses. According to previous knowledge, the material collected relates exclusively to the arrest of the alleged perpetrator, as police spokeswoman Jasmin Kaatz announced on Friday. The police asked witnesses for assistance on Wednesday as they were looking for photos and cell phone videos of the crime and the arrest of the alleged perpetrator.

According to Kaatz, the investigations must show whether the material received is usable. The police still have no photos or videos of the sensational act on Thursday last week. For the investigation team, recordings of the attack are also important, but the chance that there will be such is assessed as low.

The ten recordings could help in the investigation, as the 52-year-old suspect resisted police officers when he was arrested last Friday, as Kaatz said. This is also the reason why he is being investigated.

When asked, Sebastian Timke from the executive board of the police union (GdP) in Lower Saxony told the German press agency that the witnesses did not commit any crime with their recordings. The GdP is of the opinion that it is not a question of gawking because the recordings make one "Evidential value" to have. "Basically you walk a fine line with recordings of crimes, said Timke.

The man ambushed a 44-year-old woman, showered her with fire accelerator and set her on fire. Then he stabbed her with a knife. A 57-year-old wanted to help her. She was also attacked by the man and later died of stab wounds.

In Lower Saxony, a man died in an accident at work. His colleagues missed him at work and notified the police. But when she discovered him, it was already too late.

In a work accident in Rosdorf near Göttingen, a man fell into a grain silo and died. Work colleagues reported the 54-year-old missing because they had not seen him for a long time, said a police spokesman.

The man had previously worked on the silo. When after about an hour and a half it was nowhere to be found and the silo was finally emptied, the man’s body was found in it. According to the first findings of the police, he sank into the grain and suffocated. How the man fell in there on Tuesday was still unclear.

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In September last year there was a similar death in Massing, Bavaria.