Do you plan to cooperate with regional media structures

Do you plan to cooperate with regional media structures

What specialties are most popular?

The most striking indicator of the popularity of a specialty is the competition.

The highest competition among young men was traditionally recorded at the Military Medical Academy (9 people per place), the Novosibirsk Higher Military Command School (7 people per place) and the Military Institute of Physical Culture (5.6 people per place).

Among the girls, the maximum competition was 36 people for a place in the Military Academy of Logistics, 23 people for a place in the Military Academy of Communications and 13 people for a place in the Ryazan Higher Airborne Command School.

The command universities of the Land Forces are very popular among young people, the competition in which has also grown and made up more than 6 people per place in this recruiting campaign.

How do you assess the level of teaching in military universities and colleges?

Currently, the national military school is doing military service and highly qualified military and civilian teachers. Among them are over 1,200 doctors of sciences and over 6,800 candidates of sciences. Their contribution to the development of military education and military science is very significant. 

Thanks to the measures taken over the past years, the staffing of military educational institutions with teachers with advanced degrees remains stable and averages 65%, which makes it possible to meet the requirements of federal state educational standards for personnel conditions for the implementation of educational programs.

Most of them have experience of serving in various military positions, specialized teaching disciplines, including combat experience.

Due to the high quality of the teaching staff, in recent years there has been a steady growth trend of graduates who completed their studies with honors from 7.5% in 2011 to 20.5% in 2015.

And this, of course, depends on the level of training of the teachers themselves?

The level of professional training, as well as the level of qualifications of teachers of pre-university educational institutions of the Russian Ministry of Defense, is quite high: they have the first or the highest qualification category.

But the main thing is not recognition of their undoubted professional merits, the main thing is their understanding of pedagogical activity as a special, socially significant mission of educating and teaching the younger generation in the spirit of high humanitarian values, awareness of patriotic duty and loyalty to the civic ideals of serving the Fatherland.

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A few words about what kind of people work at the Faculty of Slavic Philology and Journalism. 

We are proud of the faculty of the faculty – 16 doctors of science, you must admit that not only not every faculty, but not every university can boast of this. 

And it is very important that everyone who works here is united by one common idea, this is a team of like-minded people. We understand each other perfectly, pick up interesting projects, try to come up with something new and bright. 

But I also want to note that all this enthusiasm would have done little if it had not been for the support of the university leadership. 

We understand each other perfectly, pick up interesting projects, try to come up with something new, bright

Now, for example, we are launching a unique project – a media communications laboratory. The order for its creation was signed only in October last year, and already in April the laboratory was not only equipped, but also opened. 

Why is this laboratory interesting?

This is a whole complex, three auditoriums: a television studio, a multimedia class and a radio studio. All of them are equipped with the most modern equipment, so they will be very attractive for both students and young teachers – a good incentive to develop, learn and apply their knowledge in practice. 

And that’s not all: as part of the creation of the laboratory, the second, scientific part of the project will also be implemented – an invitation from a leading scientist. It can be a specialist in the field of communication technologies, a linguist, a journalist – we are considering various options for cooperation.

Now programs are being developed that can be useful both for our faculty and for the university from which this scientist will come to us. 

Do you plan to cooperate with regional media structures?

We are still cooperating: contracts have been signed with the leading media structures of Crimea, students are undergoing practical training … But in general, I would like, of course, to involve more people, to use more technology, to work with applicants, competitions, Olympiads, information portals.

With the creation of a new laboratory and conditions for the development of the university, it will be possible to do many interesting and important programs. 

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Are there criteria for the success of search engine promotion sites?

Yes, the criterion is usually the position that it occupies in the results of Yandex and Google – the two largest search engines. The higher the site is, the better – the more chances that the user will notice it among other sites and go to it.

Many people ordering website promotion services imagine that the only purpose of search engine optimization is to bring a website to the top 10 by the maximum possible number of search queries, and it will be guaranteed to be successful. But is it really so? Consider a real case that happened a few years ago.

Website promotion in search engines is a process that depends on a much larger number of factors than the distribution of positions in search results alone

The director of a commercial firm named Sergei signed an agreement with an agency to promote the site. His company was engaged in the sale of designer Italian tableware. According to the terms of the contract, the contractor undertook to bring 50% of requests to the top 10 of Yandex search results after two weeks, which is a common practice in drawing up contracts for the provision of website promotion services by specialized agencies.

The list of queries was agreed with the director of the company and did not cause any complaints from him – it covered the entire product range and contained many brand search queries.

Two months later, the contractor reported on the fulfillment of the terms of the contract – for most of the requests, the client’s website entered the top 10, and for a number of them it took the lead in the issue. How many orders do you think came to Sergey’s website after conducting search engine optimization? No one. 


This was due to the fact that the core of keywords, agreed by the store director, almost completely included the Italian names of the cookware models, as they were indicated in the catalog. The store’s website had practically no competition for these keywords – hence the rapid entry into the top 10.

But these requests were not typed by any of the users, therefore even those of them who needed Italian dishes did not know the name from the catalog of this site. In addition, even those who knew the required name typed them in the search line in Russian letters, and this is a completely different query.

Website promotion in search engines is a process that depends on much more factors than the distribution of positions in search results alone. The situation with Sergei is regularly repeated with the owners of many other sites who do not understand the principles of search engines and do not know what methods of legal influence on them exist at the moment. 

These problems can be solved both by staff specialists of the organizations and contractors involved in solving this problem. But the leadership of these organizations must have at least a general idea of ​​the existing principles and methods of search engine optimization, so as not to be in the place of Sergei from the example I gave and to fully realize the expectations that were assigned to their site.

How does the website promotion mechanism work?

The process of promoting a website in search engines is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO for short). This is the process of adjusting the HTML code, text content (content), site structure, control of external factors to meet the requirements of the search engine algorithm in order to raise the site’s position as a result of search in search engines for certain user requests. 

It turns out that this is a more effective source of user acquisition?

Yes, and this is evidenced by data from a study by the American company Forrester Research Inc., according to which more than 81% of all Internet users find sites of interest to them through search engines. 

There are other reasons for the effectiveness of search engine optimization. First, most search engines attract more unique visitors than any other directory, because they not only contain data about the location of the information sought, but also guarantee the selection of sites that are most relevant to the user’s search query.