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Therefore, this right is often guaranteed in national constitutions, declarations of rights, fundamental laws establishing the justice system or by precedents set by the highest courts. However, it is not a constitutionally required procedure that a certified interpreter be present at police interrogation.

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The equipment facilitated large numbers of listeners, and interpretation was offered in French, Russian, German and English. The technology arose in the 1920s and 1930s when American businessman Edward Filene and British engineer Alan Gordon Finlay developed simultaneous interpretation equipment with IBM. Yvonne Kapp attended a conference with simultaneous translation in 1935 in the Soviet Union. As it proved successful, IBM was able to sell the equipment to the United Nations, where it is now widely used in the United Nations Interpretation Service. Simultaneous interpretation suffers the disadvantage that if a person is performing the service the interpreter must do the best he or she can within the time permitted by the pace of source speech. However they also have the advantages of saving time and not disturbing the natural flow of the speaker.

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The object files that are used to generate an executable file are thus often produced at different times, and sometimes even by different languages . No worldwide testing or certification agency exists for all types of interpreters. For conference interpretation, there is the International Association of Conference Interpreters, or AIIC. One cost-effective method of providing sign language translation services are computer-animated sign language avatars, such as SiMAX. The World Federation of the Deaf supports the use of avatars "for pre-recorded static customer information, for example, in hotels or train stations", and not to replace human translators. The right to a competent interpreter for anyone who does not understand the language of the court is usually considered a fundamental rule of justice.

SI can also be accomplished by software where the program can simultaneously listen to incoming speech and speak the associated interpretation. The most common form is extempore SI, where the interpreter does not know the message until he or she hears it. Interpreter.com’s Korean translators can help you communicate with any of them, along with any other speaker of Korean, for business, travel, or personal use. Connect to an interpreter in seconds for secure Korean to English or English to Korean translation from any phone.

This has been especially controversial in cases where illegal immigrants with no English skills are accused of crimes. Simultaneous interpretation using electronic equipment where the interpreter can hear the speaker’s voice as well as the interpreter’s own voice was introduced at the Nuremberg trials in 1945.

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